May 12



Everything began on a Sunday evening, it was a very gloomy and rainy day , all the kids in the house looking out the window because the day was ugly, and they couldn’t go outside and play they turned the tv on and began to watch scary movies, as the night went by they decided to go outside and play hide-and-seek, they knew it was a not so smart idea but still went outside , analise will count  and i will ( timmy) will go hide , they ran and laughed , thinking the unexpected would happen as they counted and hid timmy saw a ghost he wanted to scream but he didn’t wanna get found so he ran back inside with his sister , he told her about the ghost he saw so they made a plan to see if it’s a ghost of it’s just his head , they slowly went to the back of there house and tried to look around and before they knew it they where stuck in the back of a van yelling and screaming for help and after that nobody knows where they went or who could’ve token them.

May 12

Ms. Magicas Adventures in Magic and Betrayal

I rushed through the halls looking for Prince Fredrick The principal of the royal school. I hope he got my arrow message.  I peeked into my classroom hoping to find the prince. Instead, I found my students. “What are you guys still doing here?!” I shouted. They didn’t move an inch. “We want to help you, Ms. Magica!” I sighed. “This is not a training challenge, students, it’s a real emergency you have to go home!!”. “You don’t have to go through this on your own,” said a voice behind me. I turned around and saw the charming, yet serious face of The prince. “It’s way too dangerous Fredrick, They could get seriously injured or even die!” As i said those worse the ceiling got ripped off by a giant. “Peek-a-boo” said the beast. Oh no they are here on campus! They broke the shielding spell. “How did they get past the shield?!” Yelled the prince. “I’m not sure!!!”. All of a sudden my class huddled together and said “We got this Ms. M!”




Before I could even react the giant scooped them up. “Oops can’t forget the prince! My king wouldn’t be pleased.” I went to get the shrinking potion from my belt but then I felt a hand on my back and I went to the floor. “Now, now, don’t look so shocked dear princess this is what you get for locking us up” said a mysterious voice.  “This can’t be!” Yelled the Prince. 


The voice was Richard


Me and Richard were best friends. We both studied magic together at the school. At some point we grew closer and started dating. The main thing that broke us apart was our views on magic. I thought magic was a wonderful thing that could help the royals and their kingdoms flourish. He believed that just because he could wield magic the world should bend to his will. Magic was power, and for a time it was until I stopped him and his monsters from taking over the land.


I turned around and glared at him “Aww you still look cute when you’re angry” Richard grinned. “What????” My students yelled. “Take them away” Richard commanded. “Yes boss” responded the giant. All of a sudden Richard opened a portal. “NOOO!” I screamed falling to the floor. The giant walked through the portal with everyone I held dear.


“Now that they are dealt with lets have a chat my love”. Richard said. He waved his hand and then we were transported to the place we first met. The old magic room. I felt a rush of mixed emotions, Nostalgia, love, and pure betrayal. “I have an offer for you, my true love,” he said sitting in his old seat. “I want you to be my queen once I take the throne”.  “ I refuse!!” I said fiercely. He snapped and everything went black


When I woke up I was in a prison cell.

May 12

Like Two Ships

I saw her across the room, she was unlike anything I had ever seen. The darkness of her hair in contrast to her pale skin. Her freckles popped off her cheeks as if they were bouncing on clouds. 

I saw him across the room, he was perfect. He was like all I’d dreamed of, his eyes that I could look into for hours. His smile swallowed me whole, I couldn’t wait to be the one to cause it.

I moved on with my night but she never moved on from me. I couldn’t shake the thought of her and I honestly didn’t want to. 

1 week later

I saw her again. I was at the library and I felt that she was near. Sure enough, I looked up and between the books on the shelf I saw her. 

It was just Friday afternoon. I was looking for a book trying not to think of him, when I looked up and met his eyes. Did he remember me, did he even know who I am?

She looked as beautiful as I remembered her. I couldn’t believe this was happening, I had hoped I’d see her again and for some reason, I knew that she was thinking the same thing.

All the questions bouncing around in my mind are squashed by the hint of his smile. I knew at that moment that he felt the exact same way about me. I was about to say something when his phone rang. He quickly left the room to pick it up. 

Ugh, why did my mom call me RIGHT NOW? I swear she was about to say something too. The one chance I had and I missed it!


4 months later

I couldn’t get him out of my head, his smile was forever engraved on my brain. I couldn’t focus on my work so I decided to take a break. I took a walk to get some fresh air.

I was out to lunch with my brother catching up. He had to leave because he had a meeting, so I thought it was the perfect day for a walk. The sun peeked through the clouds shining beautifully onto the blades of grass. Reminding me of her and her beauty that shined through the dirtiness of the world. 

Right as I was trying to conjure his perfect face in my mind, I saw it in front of me. It had been so long since the last time, I couldn’t believe it! His eyes stared into mine from across the street.

I was leaving the park when I saw her. Her hair was blowing in the wind but still looked perfect. Our eyes met and I knew it was my chance! I couldn’t stand waiting any longer, so I walked right across the street to her. 

He started walking toward me and I to him. I couldn’t wait to hear his voice or know his name. I was so caught up in him that I didn’t hear the sound of screeching tires, the sound of screaming pedestrians, the sound of honking. I was so caught up in him that I didn’t feel the pain when the sound of brakes being slammed stopped, the pain when we both were knocked to the ground. Together.  


May 10

The Christmas Gift

The Christmas lights set a soft glow across the otherwise dark room. All the presents were wrapped and placed, the cookies had santa-sized bites, and the carrot sticks were gnarled in half. As I looked over the idyllic scene bitterness built in my chest. Would anyone even notice? Would anyone even care? Or would they just tear through it all without so much as a thank you?

With an exhausted sigh, I sank into the couch and brought the filled wine glass to my lips. Just as the warm liquid started to ease my annoyance, I heard a soft tapping on the front door. Two quick raps… then nothing. I sat up, alert, waiting for more – but only silence followed.

The wind. It must have been the wind. Who would come knocking so late on Christmas Eve?

Minutes later another round of tapping sounded from the door. Again, two quick raps. This time I rose, grabbing the wrapped hockey stick from under the tree, and started towards the front hall.

Peering through the windows I saw only shadows and Christmas lights dancing off the white-covered earth. I turned to walk upstairs and finally seek my bed for the last few hours of the night when it came again – knock knock.

Without hesitation, I swirled around and slid the deadbolt free. Wrenching the door open I saw nothing. Then I looked down. Standing alone, snow collecting in her dark, curly hair, a young girl had her back to me as if preparing to disappear again.


At the sound of my voice, she turned slowly and peered up at me. I stared back into a too-familiar face. The unwrinkled face of my childhood. Around her neck was twined the long-lost knitted scarf my grandmother had given me on my 9th Christmas. The last Christmas I remember being truly happy.

“Hello. I have something to show you,” whispered the small voice as she turned and started down the front path.

And without thinking, I stepped my slippered foot into the snow and followed.

May 10

Bedtime Story

“Goodnight!” I yelled downstairs.  Walking up the stairs, I hear a noise coming from down the hallway.  I just ignored it and went into my room.  I turned on the TV and put on my favorite show.  I hear a knock on my door.  Everyone had already gone to bed though.  Who could it be?  I thought to myself.  Maybe Emma or Henry couldn’t fall asleep.  I opened the door and there was no one to be seen.  I looked down the hall and glanced down the stairs but I didn’t see anyone. 

 I went back to my room and went back to bed.  This time, I heard a knock from my window.  Ok, who could this be?  I opened my curtains and still, no one.  I closed my blinds and curtains, making sure the windows were locked and went back into my bed.  I should go to bed to get my mind off this and maybe it will stop.  

But it didn’t.  

I was sleeping and this time there was a knock coming from the front door.  I tried to wait a couple minutes to make sure there wasn’t another knock and went into Emma’s room and asked her if she heard the knocking too.  “Emma, have you been hearing knocks too?” “Yes,” she answered.  I checked outside my door and there was no one, “have you seen anyone?”  “Nope.  Let’s go ask Henry.”  Emma and I walking to Henry’s room we hear another knock from the front door.  We get to Henry’s room and see him lying awake on his bed. “Emma, Layla, did you hear those knocks?” Henry asked.  “Yes,” I replied.  “We were coming in to check in on you to make sure you were okay.”  “I wish mom and dad were here,” Emma said.  “They will be back tomorrow but what do we do until then?”  “Let’s stay in Henry’s room, for now.”  We turned on the TV and tried to go to bed but I woke up to the sound of the front door opening.   

“Emma! Henry! Wake up! I screamed silently.  I heard the front door open up! Let’s go hide in the closet.”  As we hid in the closet, we heard footsteps coming up the stairs.  “We have to stay quiet so no one hears us.”  I said.  The door to Henry’s room, slowly opening up, I peek out of the closet door.  

But there was no one.

Man hand knocking on the door in a dark place., Stock Video - Envato Elements

May 10

The Passing of Two Worlds

Their boats passed. The one, which had peeling white paint and a shuddering motor, was occupied by a teenage boy and his friends. It paled in comparison to the big, shinny boat a woman and her daughter were lounging in.

The boy noticed the girl as he always did when he saw her around. He watched her as she bent down to retrieve a coke from her cooler, pushing her long black curls out of her eyes. 

She’s the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen, he decided to himself, pushing his sunglasses up into his blonde hair so he could see better. 

His friends noticed him gazing at the girl and began mocking him.

“Common man, not again!” 

“Bro, her boat has got to be fifty times more expensive than yours, at the least!” 

“Don’t get your hopes up, it’s never gonna happen.”

Not caring much of what his friends thought, the boy ignored them, so they eventually went back to fishing. Only one of the friends continued to watch the boy gape at the girl, jealousy rising up in her chest like an angry beast. 

The girl finally noticed the boy staring at her. She blushed, quickly glancing down at the ground, then slowly looking back at him. 

He grinned, raising his arm to wave.

Her eyes brightened. She began to wave back but then her mother appeared, slapping her daughter’s hand away as anger flickered in her eyes. 

The boy’s smile faded. Such a stupid thing to do, he thought to himself, slowly turning back to his friends. We live in two different worlds, so what makes me think our worlds could ever collide?


May 10

A snake met a chicken

One day, a snake met a chicken on a beach. It was like love at first sight, only they were just best friends. They walked all over the warm sand, searching for an item to play with. A seashell used for a frisbee? No, that could cut their skin. What about a broken boogie board in the trash? No, it wouldn’t even last one wave. Together, both their eyes shift to a family whose little boy was playing with a little purple ball. The father called him, shouting it was time to come inside and clean up. He left the ball behind and without a doubt, the snake slithered over to grab the ball.


“Maybe this isn’t such a good idea, the little boy could come back any minute” says chicken, with fear and guilt in his eyes. “Don’t be ridiculous, no boy would dare to mess with me” snake yells back at the fearful chicken. And so, they played catch with the purple ball. The sun setting behind them, the chicken gets distracted by the beautiful view. The ball lands straight into the ocean. “Are you kidding me, ugh, I guess I’ll get it.” the snake jumps into the water. 


The chicken is waiting on the beach for his friend to come back when all of a sudden, a dolphin appears walking up to him. “Hey there, I found this” the dolphin replies holding the purple ball. “Oh thank you so much,” the chicken says with relief. “Do you mind if I join you for a game of toss?” “Not at all! Let me go get my friend, he was looking for the ball” ask he walks towards the ocean, the snake sees the new blossoming friendship between the two and grows jealous. “There you are, dolphin found our ball and brought it back to me. Isn’t that so nice? Now we have someone else to join our game!” ecstatically said the chicken. “Yeah no, he is not playing with us, have you seen how big his fins are, he will destroy us, and oh gosh, his breath is horrid. I’m not playing with that big fool” says the snake knowing that the dolphin could hear him. The dolphin walked away sadly.

“Wait! Wait!!!” The chicken is screaming, running up to the dolphin. “Let’s go get some ice cream together” “I’m not so sure about that” the dolphin said. “I’m sorry he hurt you, that wasn’t cool and he’s not my friend anymore, I’m hoping you will be?” proposed the chicken. “I guess after all, I will take you up on that ice cream” 

May 10

Unforgettable Day

The sun had started to set. But the merriment had only grown larger. For the big event was just on the horizon. People of all ages were itching for the explosion of colored lights in the air. 

 Uncle John, a favorite among the kids, had gained a trail of small children crowding behind him as he went out to his car. He opened the trunk door and had to shoo tiny hands away from the giant firework package that he had brought. I was filled with small smoke bombs, Roman candles, sparklers, and many different types of rockets and fountains that no one had ever seen. He held it over his head and grinned as he brought it over to the table. 

Meanwhile, Bob and the others were clearing their cars from the driveway and moved them farther into the surrounding street. The mothers and fathers had to hold onto their rowdy children, like puppies on a leash.

As he was preparing the firecrackers for the show, Uncle John sprouted a confused look on his face.

“What’s wrong John?” Bob had said. 

“It’s open. I don’t remember opening them. I had just bought them before coming here.” replied John.

“Huh, well maybe it ripped on a piece of metal in your trunk,” Bob said, trying to sound rational.

John rubbed his head.

 Suddenly from across the lawn, shouted Sharon.

“Honey, where’s Jimmy?”

Then a large red flash of light followed by a loud boom sound was heard from the top floor of the house. 





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May 10

Excerpt from ‘A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Raccoon’

Raccoon Reinforcement

It was a particularly cold and rainy January day; a particularly distressing one as we had seen a glimpse of Spring with a quick spurt of sixty-degree weather just the day before. Now it was back to being grey and sad, as is typical of the winter months. Nearby construction made it so that Route 1 was backed up bumper to bumper with traffic, the cars lining up to create a neverending succession of Hondas and Jeeps and Fords. Every once in a while some aggravated Tesla would honk. This occurred at random intervals, producing the effect of Chinese water torture on the helpless teenaged raccoon. 

I decided to break out the keys and perform a mournful rendition of Liszt’s La Campanella… I did not know the piece’s title at the time, I merely improvised it and later learned of its preexistence. (I did not realize then how much of a feat this was, as my Fisher-Price instrument lacked the range to keep up with the skill of my speedy virtuosic paws.) Rain fell on my fur, making it matted and wet – this did not deter me, in fact, it incentivized me. I have never played with so much soul since: it was an elegy for my mother, a letter of forgiveness to my father, and a cry for help. 

As I continued, the blustery day caught up to me. My hat flew off onto the ground, brim-side up. I thought of this as a minor inconvenience and continued my piece. All continued as expected until out of the corner of my eye I noticed a small Sedan pull over. A petite blonde woman of about 30 or so stepped out of the drivers’ seat and placed a five dollar bill inside my fallen fedora. 

Soon enough my tiny hat was not enough to hold the volume of cash I received. I resolved to buy a larger one, perhaps a boater or a sombrero. 

I knew I had struck gold, and resolved to make this my way into civilization. Every day starting at 7am I would set up shop and continued playing until the wee hours of the night. It had never occurred to me that my simple, lighthearted love of music would lead to something so lucrative, that sharing my love of song would cause the world to sing along with me.

Many highway visitees would stop for hours on end just to hear me play. I had somewhat of a cult following, and began to notice regular customers. One woman was reduced to tears by my cover of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’, another would bring his whole family (including his infant son) just to sit and hear me play. One woman was so moved by my expertise that she insisted I hitch a ride on the back of her Honda Civic and into Kennett Square. I knew then that this was a sign, and that I was destined for something more than accompanying traffic jams. 

I rode her steel blue steed out of Route 1 and into the real world. I knew I would never turn back.

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